Shopping for dog food

Shopping for dog food

We all love pets, as a matter of fact, we already have some of these pets, especially man’s best friend, the dog at our homes. Although there is this wonderful feeling that follows this achievement, some of us get frustrated on which kinds of food or buying guidelines that can help us get some tasty doggie foods. To help you overcome anxiety, worry or guilt that maybe you are not giving your dog enough food or the best there is in the market, here is a guide to shopping for dog food.

Getting your dog the best food


Know your dog’s eating habits first

Is your dog choosy or the kind of dog who eats just about anything that is put on his plate? Knowing your dog’s likes and dislikes is key to buying the right food that suits your dog. It is absurd and a complete waste of cash if you buy any food and see your dog just sniffing and turning away.

As a dog owner, you will be more satisfied if your dog enjoys the food you put in front of them. So be vigilant and watchful. Check your dog’s eating habits and let that be your number one guide. This also helps you determine things like quantity of food the dog eats, the quality of food the dog likes and the kinds of taste your dog finds amusing.

Know your dog’s medical history

Walking into a dog food store and buying any brand is not going to keep your dog healthy nor is it going to keep your vet bills down. Dogs, apart from some of them being choosy, some of them, however, can be choosy or picky eaters with a reason. Some dogs have allergies and you buying food without putting some of these things into consideration can be harmful to your dog especially if you are taking care of a dog for the first time.

So, before venturing out to buy food for your lovely dog, make sure you know a little bit of the dog’s medical history. This is not only a good guide to buying the right food for your dog; it is the right decision that will help keep your dog healthy and vigorous for a long time.

Type of dog

vhvjjhvjhjhvhjvjvjhvhjvhjvhjvjhvjhWhat type or kind of dog do you own? Active, big, small or lazy? Do you know that the more active a dog is or how big a dog means more food for these kinds of dogs as opposed to the lazy or smaller counterparts? The size of your dog, the type of dog such as active, lazy will all determine the amount of food they will eat per a single day.

There is no need of you shopping for large amounts of food, yet your dog eats a small portion the entire week. Shopping for the right amount of food saves you the headache of overspending on dog food that goes uneaten for the rest of the weeks ahead. The right quantity saves you money, in turn, helping in other bills.…

Dog Behavior During And After Birth

Dog Behavior During And After Birth

Do not be surprised to find your dog displaying some behavioral changes during and after birth. Remember, her priorities have changed, and you might not be her primary concern. The little newborn puppies are completely dependent on her food, protection, and warmth, and as a mother, your dog may inherently start to be more responsible and caring to her puppies than you. The changes you notice can be mild and extreme and can last for weeks depending on the cause and circumstances. The most important thing is to understand how to deal with dog behavior during and after birth until she is more like herself again.

Dog behavioral during and after pregnancy


When labor begins, it is more likely to notice a dog becoming restless, wants to be left alone and may start nesting. The dog may also stop to eat regularly and may even vomit. Some dogs may not have this problem and might eat normally and remain social. The appetite should resume after a day or two after delivery. There is no cause for concern unless the behavior change is too much.567uyikhjghf

Aggressive behavior right after delivery

A dog may start to display some aggressive behavior to anyone who comes across her puppies. Research has shown that this behavior is usually the result of the female instinct to protect her puppies. The dog may begin to growl, show her teeth when you are near the puppies, and some dogs bite anyone close to the pups. This kind of behavior may not last long, maybe few hours after delivery. It is best that you keep your distance and avoid handling the pups and let the dog do her job. Only interfere when it is entirely necessary, otherwise, let her do the parenting job for at least a week.

Anxious behavior after delivery

It is common to see a dog displaying some anxious behavior especially if it was her first time to give birth. She may lick her pups too much, whine and sometimes tremble if any person gets near the pups or may be clingy with you. The best way to deal with this dog behavior during and after birth is to give her some high-quality food that will keep the calmness. It would also be a good idea to talk to the dog calmly as an assurance that she is doing a great job caring for her pups. Call a vet if you find that the anxiety is too much because this could be a sign of eclampsia disease.

Lethargic Behavior

Some dog may not seem anxious, but they might be extremely calm. They may begin to act sluggish, may completely neglect her pups, and may even lay on them occasionally. More often, this behavior may be a sign of infection from delivery. If your dog begins to display this behavior, you may be forced to take over and care for the puppies, yourself.

Eating puppies

r67uikhjghfgThis behavior is bothersome, but it happens in rare instances. The behavior may be attributed to maternal instinct, where the dog thinks that the pup’s noise is attracting predators. You might need to call a vet after you notice this behavior while you keep the surviving puppies from the dog. It would also be a good idea to avoid breeding the dog again because she is likely to repeat the behavior.

You might notice some other changes, but it is always good to know how to deal with the change. You can also get more at, where they have documented the dog’s behavior during pregnancy week by week. Do not hesitate to call a veterinarian if you have a feeling that the behavior is more than you can handle.…